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Moneyqueen Dolls - Pre-order OPEN
This is a personal discount for the club members.
Barbie Looks Collection – New Black and White Dolls
The summer 2021 is going to be hot as a lot of interesting things are coming. In June we will see a new collection of the Barbie Looks.
Release of the Kingdom Doll Waterfall gowns
The sale will start on May, 23 at 6 pm UK time
Happy Easter 2021
to you and your family
Itty Britty Percy by Nikki Britt
Nikki Britt has announced about the coming pre-order of new Itty Britty Percy. The pre-order will start on March, 19th.
Pre-order of New Engendrito by Irrealdolls
The pre-order will begin on February, 28th, at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT +1 timezone). The shipment will be in 6 moths after the end of the pre-order.
​Giveaway To Celebrate Irrealdoll Birthday
All works are accepted till February, 13th. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s day, 14 of February.
​Star Ace Minerva MacGonagall — Opened Pre-order
What a great news for the fans of Harry Potter we have! And if you like 1/6 figures, keep reading! Star ace has presented Minerva McGonagall for a pre-order.
First Barbie Pink Collection Doll Designed by Robert Best
Pink is in the air! Meet a new Barbie Pink Collection. However, this doll got a low rating. What information do you have?
​Sugar and Spice Poppy Parker Gift Set - 2020 W Club Doll.
Integrity Toys - New Poppy Parker gift set is presented. It is the fourth 2020 W Club Doll.
​New Superdolls – Four Stunning Girls
Four dolls are for sale in the online store, and two of them have been presented at the end of December.
Virtual Doll Convention: The Grace Boutique is open
Renewed Grace. It is exclusive for Virtual Doll Convention (like it was last time). Besides new dolls, there are new accessories, and fashions for Grace’s Dream Closet in the collection.
Aquatalis First Gift Set Doll
The sale of this gorgeous Lam begins on November, 3rd, at 10:00 (Vietnam time).
​Mia Tan Skin – Opened Pre-order
Linda Macario Dolls have announced about a pre-order of new Mia with tan skin. The pre-order of the new doll starts on November, the 1st, and will last till November, 30th.
​Elton John Barbie Doll – New Perfomance
An iconic figure Elton John will be always a household name, and Barbie pays their respect to this talented person
Loss of Talented Dianna Effner
The doll industry is sad for Dianna Effner death. A great, talented woman will be always present in our recollection. Dianna left us on October, 14th, however, her kind and really prominent dolls will take a special place in the doll industry.
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