Moneyqueen Dolls - Pre-order OPEN

Moneyqueen Dolls  .opened the pre-order for their beautiful fashion bjd dolls yesterday. At this time, the author presented a new mold called Deborah. You may see on the promo picture how bright this pretty girl may be!



All fans of the previous mold Sharon may be also satisfied because this mold is also available in this pre-order.

So, the situation is as follows: the doll is available for the order in the basic set:

— A nude doll is resin «Smooth-Cast 310, 327, Tumor, Task 9, Crystal clear 220», colored with such strong dyes and UV stabilizer «Sun devil». Cured castings: UV resistant (UV resistant yellowing). Not fragile. It has been gathered on elastic, and glued with hot silicone.
— The designer eyes (glass), makeup, and body blushing
.Hair scalp system (5 colors of the hair to choose from)

— The scull roof is without hair
— The box, and authenticity certificate
The skin tone is tan. Mold Deborah or Sharon



The cost of the basic set is 500 Euro (the cost does not include the shipping).
The additional head (50 Euro) and/or .Hair scalp system (50 Euro) may be ordered with the basic set.
The payment by instalments is possible (the first payment is 50%).
The production period is 4-8 months.
The pre-order has been started yesterday. And as far as I know, the new doll is rather popular!
Our website, DOLLFAN.CLUB, has received a little gift from the author of Moneyqueen Dolls. This is a personal discount for the club members. All registered users of our website who are the members of the Moneyqueen Dolls group, will get a single time 10 Euro discount off the price by using the code word DOLLFAN.CLUB.
To order the doll, it is necessary to send an email to the author —

JuliM JuliM 1 month ago #

Do not copy links in the letter, only the CODE Dollfan10  and your username on Dollfan, so that the letter does not end up in spam CODE  Dollfan10 for order 

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