New Modsdoll "Zuri"

Modsdoll has recently presented a new mold Saena with the improved body. Wrists and feet were changed and enhanced. The most important is that the additional chest joint have been added, so that the body became more flexible and elegant in different poses.

The dolls were quickly sold out. Today I have got a message about the release and a soon beginning of the sales of another doll with Saena face sculpt – Zuri.

Zuri is a spectacular girl. Her pale skin looks very soft and fresh. Her blond hair and outfit have a madame Pompadour style, but it has a modern representation. Just take a look at these marvelous pictures.

I also like a combination of her dark, bright eyes makeup with dull lip makeup. This makeup emphasizes her pale skin but it looks very harmonious.

There are some accents in her total look: a pale-pink bodysuit is aligned with a hot pink stress – shoes with bow-knots. 

It may suggest that her contradictory character may be traced everywhere. Just look at her white thin stockings and a massive metallic jewelry on the neck. Who would guess that this combination is good-looking?

But she knows it due to her character. And she is even more attractive with that! She is definitely a mystery girl! I guess she will win the hearts of collectors, just like Madame Pompadour did.

The release of this gorgeous doll is planned on June, 22, at 9 AM (Korean time).  

All pictures are taken from the Flickr Modsdoll


looks like real!