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​Warm Summer Memories - Mademoiselle Lam
MADEMOISELLE LAM et PHU QUOC VOYAGE GIFT SET. Orders on 12 December 2020, at 12 NOON (Vietnam time )
​Numina Cyber Event – Dollshic New Dolls
Dollshic has announced about the Numina Cyber Event. Two new dolls are presented on this event. Parrish and Salix. They can be pre-ordered, and it will be opened on December, 11.
​00 Fabulous Sequel – New Patrick Kinsman Doll
A pre-sale will be opened on December, 6th, at 6 PM (UK time).
PRE-ORDER from  VFDolls
And there is a discount for Black Friday! People who will order the doll on November, 27 will get 5% off!
Aquatalis First Gift Set Doll
The sale of this gorgeous Lam begins on November, 3rd, at 10:00 (Vietnam time).
​Mia Tan Skin – Opened Pre-order
Linda Macario Dolls have announced about a pre-order of new Mia with tan skin. The pre-order of the new doll starts on November, the 1st, and will last till November, 30th.
​Pretty Linda Macario Dolls – Opened Pre-order
The pre-order of the Melody dolls has been started October, 1st and will last till October, 15th.
IrrealDoll Ery is Back for Preordering
The pre-order will start on September, 27th, at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT + 2 timezone).
Pre-Order of Amazing Ledy Bug is Open
New, amazing doll is now available for the preorder.
Charlotte Stuart and New Celestial Rose Collection
The Monarchs Charlotte Stuart and the Celestial Rose Collection Launch fashions
A Winner of Doll Design Showdown
Flight of Fashion™ Barbie® Doll won your vote! Get ready – pre-orders for her start soon, and won't last long…
​Gothic and Inspirational Siddal by Kingdom Doll
​Maru & Friends New Doll - Mini Cinderella
Opened Pre-order of Mini Cinderella
Pre-order Alia Luna by Elena Kokorina
​Opened pre-order of new dolls by Elena Kokorina
​Nikki Britt’s New Doll Giveaway
Titus (that is the name of a new doll) will be available for the pre-order on July, 24th. He is 12 inches tall and has a cute face, and a sweet smile.
Preordering new Saffi doll from Meadowdolls
The pre-order of Big Saffi will begin on July, 1st, and last till July, 12th.
​Return of Realpuki – magic is in the air!
Fairyland open pre-order new Realpuki
Mia by Linda Macario Dolls
Pre-order new doll Mia 10"
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