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​New Tan Skin Linda Macario Doll – Pre-Order Begun
The pre-order will last till June, 30th.
Meadodolls Twinkle Doll – Pre-order Started
Meadowdolls have opened the pre-order of the Bailey twinkle doll on June, 1st.
Pre-order of New BJD dolls by Anna Kucherenko
​On May 19th starts a pre-order of new BJD dolls by Anna Kucherenko.
​Luna by Lindamacariodolls – Pre-order is Opened
The pre-order starts from April 15 and lasts to April, 30th.
​Kinsman Limited Edition – Taylor Basic Doll Sale
The sale will start on Sunday, April, 18th at 6 PM (UK time).
​IrrealDoll Raffle for Nora and Nur
So, the limited sale will start on March, 29
​New Male AgattiDoll Pre-Order is Open
The pre-order of new dolls by AgattiDoll continues. There are four male dolls available: Alex, Santino, Nick and Amos. The pre-order has been opened on March, 19th, and it will last till April, 15th.
​Aquatalis Presented New Doll for Their Birthday
The pre-order sale of the new Lam set begins on March, 24th, at 11 PM (Vietnam time).
Kovalenko Dolls- Resin MSD
Kovalenko dolls releases her resin BJD
​Sale of Kinsman Dressed Doll Taylor Starts Soon
Kingdom Doll have announced about the date of the opened sale of their new doll. Taylor is going to be for sale on March, 21st. The sale will start at 6 PM UK time.
Itty Britty Percy by Nikki Britt
Nikki Britt has announced about the coming pre-order of new Itty Britty Percy. The pre-order will start on March, 19th.
New Numina Aeris from Dollcis
The pre-order will be open on March, 12, and it starts at 12 EST.
​Opened Pre-order for New Linda Macario Doll
Linda Macario Dolls have announced about the started pre-order of Big Cupcake doll. The pre-order begins on March, 1st, and will last till the end of March, 31.
Pre-order of New Engendrito by Irrealdolls
The pre-order will begin on February, 28th, at 19:00 PM (UTC/GMT +1 timezone). The shipment will be in 6 moths after the end of the pre-order.
Attention! 10.02 start pre-order Tender Creation
So, there is a magnificent news! The pre-order will be on February, 10th, at 5 PM (Moscow time).
Black Panther from Goncharova dolls
The pre-order is now open. Here are the details:
​Realistic Doll with Alicia Mold – Pre-Order is Open
Yulia Nechaeva has presented her new doll. The height of the doll is 30 cm, and the mold is little Alicia.
​Linda Macario Dolls Didì – Opened Pre-Order
It is a new sculpt head for the body that may be seen in her sisters Gigi and Mimi. The Didì pre-order lasts from December, 19th to January, 19th
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