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Ptichka BJD Doll – Pre-Order Starts

Ptichkais known for its amazing BJD dolls in Russia. Irina Kuzina has established it in 2013, and she is still astonishing us with her amazing works.

At this time, it is Lora. She has absolutely relaxed face: half-closed eyelids, plush lips, and straight nose. She does not have eyebrows, and this feature makes her even more attractive and unique.

Lora is available in 4 skin tones: cream, vanilla, mocha, and cappuccino.Her height is approximately 30 cm. The body is fully articulated.

The doll is made of resin which looks very realistic and soft. The eyes will be of random color. The author has done a really good job, as Lora is very distinctive, unusual, and eye-catching, isn’t she?

The pre-order will start on June, 30th, at 9:00 GMT. The doll will come blank, without wigs and clothes. The doll will be packedin a box with a soft lodgment.

The cost of the doll is $600. The number is limited. The production period will take about 4 to 8 months.


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