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Crystal Outfit by JAMIEshow
Le Reve-The Dream fashion set is truly magical and crystal
​Mysterious Divine Doll in NU Fantasy Collection
There is also a right-to-buy lottery that will last till November 22. The shipment delivery should be expected on March 2022.
Stunning Luggage Set – Integrity Toys Accessories
The set has five cases: large suitcase, rolling suitcase, round suitcase, purse, and makeup case.
​First Doll by Integrity Toys – New Coven couture NU Fantasy collection
The cost of the doll is $199. It will be delivered in early winter or late fall 2021. The available number of the doll is 1500.
Ptichka BJD Doll – Pre-Order Starts
The pre-order will start on June, 30th, at 9:00 GMT.
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