Black Panther from Goncharova dolls

I would like to share information about a pre-order again. But I also would like to tell you about the author of these dolls as I got to know her during our conversation.

The author of this doll is Ekaterina Goncharova. She is from Saratov, Russia. She began to create dolls three years ago. The first doll was static, but it was not finished because Ekaterina’s attention was riveted on the jointed dolls.

Her first doll was 38 cm tall. It took her 2,5 years to create the doll. But this period was not for nothing! Her doll was recognized by collectors and became rather popular. The appearance of the next doll was provided by the case. I would draw your attention – Ekaterina does not use any 3D software for the model creation, she sculpts by hand.

In order to save some time, the details of the future doll (the plan was 40 cm) were created in smaller size. As a result, the doll 1/6 scale was created. To create a master-model of a new doll, black material was selected, and due to the presentation of the collectors – the fans of her creative work, the doll was called as Black Panther.

The author liked the doll a lot, so that she decided to vitalize her and make her available for us. I think this is a great news, because many have got to like her creative works on Instagram (@goncharova_dolls).

The pre-order is now open. Here are the details:


available colors #2 #3 #4 #5 (Black +$60)

The cost includes: two faces, two pairs of hands, eyes.

Additional options:

wig — $50

makeup — $50

blushing — $50

The shipment is paid separately.

The first edition – each color will be molded in the quantity of 5.

Orders are open

Execution period – February-March

We may just see a master-model so far, but she looks tempting even at this look. A preliminary height of the doll is 28 cm, but it may vary when the doll will be made in polyurethane resin.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the technical pics. They do not show the whole beauty of the doll, but there is no prepayment during the order until the blank doll is ready.

Follow our news. I will add the pics of the ready doll to the comments. 

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