A Winner of Doll Design Showdown

There is an announcement about a winner of Barbie Signature Doll Design Showdown. Barbie Flight of Fashion is a gorgeous prototype that has been created by the designer Angel Kent and also the design team of Barbie Signature. It means that they will create a real Barbie doll looking like this prototype.

This version has been selected by fans around the world, however only members with Platinum and Gold Status are able to pre-order the doll. Flight of Fashion will cost $120, and the pre-order takes just 4 weeks: from August, 17th to September, 14th. To produce this doll, 1,500 pieces have to be pre-ordered, otherwise they will not produce the doll.

And we do not want to miss this opportunity, don’t we? She is gorgeous! Her outfit is amazing! By the way, the real doll may slightly differ from this prototype, as texture and fabrics may vary, and some other shades of hair may be used. But we are sure she will still look amazing! Just take a moment and take a look at her shimmering wings! Long dress and long gloves make her mysteriously beautiful!

And those earrings and a kind of diadem on her head make her eyes more open and brilliant!

For your information, it may take about a year till you will get a doll after you have made a pre-order. If you want to take part in voting, you may check for current polls at the official website. Anyone may select and vote for a prototype offered by the Barbie fans, and then the Barbie signature will create a winning prototype.

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