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​Celebration of Pink – Mattel Creation Barbie Doll
The second Barbie Pink Collection is coming and she is totally ready for the red carpet. On November, 17th, the doll will be released at 9 am PT.
New Collectible Barbie Doll – Singer and Rock’n’Roll Artist
Mattel continues enriching their collection of Barbie dolls. At this time, famous singer, actor, and songwriter – David Bowie.
Festive and Colorful – Dia De Muertos New Barbie Collection
The date of the release is September, 7th.
​New Role Model Barbie – Go to the Stars
​Samantha Cristoforetti is a talented engineer, aviator, and European Space Agency astronaut.
New Elvis Presley Barbie
The Barbie doll is very fashionable and stunning. The cost of the doll is $50.
​New Barbie Role Model – Let’s Play Tennis
The cost of Naomi Osaka Barbie doll is $29.99.
​Style Collab Due To 50 Malibu Barbie’s Anniversary
The doll is available from July, 9th. The cost of the doll is $40.
Barbie Looks Collection – New Black and White Dolls
The summer 2021 is going to be hot as a lot of interesting things are coming. In June we will see a new collection of the Barbie Looks.
​Ken Turns 60! Anniversary Barbie Doll
Time runs fast! And this year we celebrate 60 years of well-liked and popular Barbie Doll - Ken!
​New Inspiring Women Series Barbie – Release Date is Coming
The release date is March, 3rd. The doll will cost $29,99.
​New Barbie Inspiring Women Doll – Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou was the first African American woman who spoke at a U.S. Presidential inauguration in 1993. Also, her autobiography book was nominated for the National Book Award, and this book is still inspirational.
A Winner of Doll Design Showdown
Flight of Fashion™ Barbie® Doll won your vote! Get ready – pre-orders for her start soon, and won't last long…
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