Festive and Colorful – Dia De Muertos New Barbie Collection

It seems that this fall will be full of new events and products, and the doll industry is not an exception!

Mattel has announced about the release of the new collection – Barbie Dia De Muertos. The first pictures of the dolls in this collection are impressive! They are festive, colorful, unusual, style, and prominent.

The date of the release is September, 7th. There is not much information about the dolls and the collection (it will be available later). But according to the pictures we will see Barbie and Ken. Both of them wear black clothes with interesting embroidery. Their faces are painted and have amazing and colorful patterns.

Barbie wears long dress with skull print and many beautiful flowery embroidery. Ken wears suit, massive purple bow tie, and sombrero. There is also a kind of a scarf (maybe it has a special name for it. Who knows?) which looks very festive due to its colorful embroidery.

We cannot wait to see more details about this new collection. But for now, we may look at all accessories, and patterns in minute detailon the pictures.

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