​Opened Pre-order for New Linda Macario Doll

Linda Macario Dolls have announced about the started pre-order of Big Cupcake doll. The pre-order begins on March, 1st, and will last till the end of March, 31.

Big Cupcake is a pretty little doll, and the height of which is 10 inches.

However, she may stand head and shoulders above other dolls due to her amazingly big eyes. The eyes are 18 mm. There is even a possibility to select the color of the eyes: light blue, grey, or green.

If the color of the eyes is not selected, the author will put random color eyes.

This doll has a new sculpt head. And body, that was used for Martha, Mia and Melody dolls. Big cupcake could be both a girl, or a boy.

The full set costs $750, and it includes a doll with one outfit. The outfit will be unique for each ordered doll. It also includes artist faceup, glass eyes, a bag, and Authenticity Certificate.

The delivery of the order should be expected before July 2021.

We wonder, why this doll has such name – Big Cupcake. What are your thoughts?

In any case, this can be a great doll in any collection because she (or he) looks great on the pictures.

All pictures are taken from the official siteindamacariodolls.com

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