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​Some New Information about Ellowyne Wilde
The dolls are expected to arrive on November, 20th. But the release is planned on December. The new dolls may be ordered on January, 2022.
​New Teenage BJD Dolls – Autumn Vibes of Child
On October, 27th, (at 10 AM PST) the first pre-order will be open for the new collection called Child
​Chic Ficondoll Model – New Release
The sale will be open on October, 13 at 9 AM (Korean time).
Atomic Misfit Collection by R. Tonner Design Collection exclusively for Sideshow
The cost of the doll is $100. The dressed doll will cost $180. Moreover, all outfits may be bought separately, at $90 each.
Today the pre-order of JOYDOLLS by Yuliia Prazdnichnykh is started (Russia). 5 molds take part in the pre-order.
​SugarBone Dolls – Pre-order Soon
It will be on October, 1st
News from JAMIEshow
MUSES HOMME male doll and new fashion collection The Return of Glamour by JAMIEshow & OwenSu.
​Hollywood Style – New Kingdomdoll Doll
The sale will start on August, 29th at 6:00 PM (BST).
​New Almadoll Fall Collection
The summer is on its last legs, but it is still hot, and Almadoll have already taken care about their girls. They have presented the new fall collection 2021.
Moneyqueen Dolls - Pre-order OPEN
This is a personal discount for the club members.
​New Vf_Dolls – Opened Pre-Order
The pre-order will last till July, 18th.
​Ficondoll Magnetic Alexa – New Release
The sale of the doll will start on June, 30th, at 9 AM (Korean time). We do not have other details but she looks fantastic!
​Mythological Nymphs by VividDolls – Pre-Order Will start Soon
The pre-order will start on June, 18th at 12 pm (Moscow time). So which one is your fave?
​Half-Blooded Rose – New Aquatalis Face
Aquatalis have presented their new face. May, a special, and the best friend of Lam
Release of the Kingdom Doll Waterfall gowns
The sale will start on May, 23 at 6 pm UK time
Pre-order of New BJD dolls by Anna Kucherenko
​On May 19th starts a pre-order of new BJD dolls by Anna Kucherenko.
​Superdoll Chemist – Proud and Glam New Doll
Superdoll have started publishing attractive teasers in the middle of March, and they have announced about the release of their new doll by means of telling just some information.
​Aquatalis Presented New Doll for Their Birthday
The pre-order sale of the new Lam set begins on March, 24th, at 11 PM (Vietnam time).
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