​New Almadoll Fall Collection

The summer is on its last legs, but it is still hot, and Almadoll have already taken care about their girls. They have presented the new fall collection 2021. Let’s take a look into their online shop and take a closer look at it.

Almadol may be easily associated with elegance, preciseness, fashion, and style. This new collection is very impressive. There are two fullsets, six looks, and a wig. The entire collection is characterized by integral style.

Of course, we will start with the fullsets. The first fullset is already out of stock. The doll has light beige skintone, M face sculpt, and amazing brown alma wig. Her face is serious and has brown shades makeup.

As we may dare to say, lilac and all its shades will be in fashion this fall, as almost all offered outfits by Almadoll have this color. In the first fullset the doll wears long blue silk dress, with an applique in the form of the leaves. She also wears massive necklace and bracelet.

The second fullset (OOAK) includes a doll with peach white skintone, blonde hair, and Look 6. The dress is lilac and has interesting pleats. It also comes with accessories such as earrings, necklace, and bracelet, shoes, and spare hands part.

As to the looks, there are 6 of them. They are for sale without wigs and dolls. Look 1 consists of the suit: pants, jacket, and vest. This suit is plaided. A silk coat may added separately. Look 1 costs $205.

This coat may be seen in the Look 2. It also has plaided pants, backless top, and belt. It costs $195.

The rest of the Looks are dresses. Some of them short, and others are long. Each of the dress is a masterpiece.

Look 5 is a long dress with ruffs. It has beautiful beads and embroidery. We may say it would become a fantastic wedding dress.

New Fall Collection by Almadoll also offers a short wig for the order (sold out) . Almadoll knows how to impress you.

And what Look do you like the most?

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