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Tonner doll Tonner doll · Blog

Shauna – a person of royal lineage
A Shauna sculpt is so noble, that Robert Tonner has created the biggest number of queens and angel dolls using this mold. Indeed, there is something special in this face that differs it from others.
Beautiful fairies: Titania Sydney and Midsummer's Night Dream
I like when two incredibly beautiful dolls are in harmony with their image and style. Each of the dolls is amazing, and they perfectly complement each other in the composition.
​Show Stopping Sydney #TonnerBride
Another bride from Robert Tonner was on a visit to me for some period of time - Show Stopping Sydney 2004. This is another elegant clothes, deserving a special event to get married. The white wedding dress is strict and elegant.
​Tiers of Joy Jac #Tonnerbride
A bride – it is always heartwarming and sweet. This theme is intimate and desired for every girl. And every girl dreams to be the most beautiful bride ever. Many well-known designers create collections of the wedding gowns.
On the Rocks Sydney – a princess or a rock star?
My friends-collectors of the dolls, and I have recently discussed a beautiful doll - On the Rocks Sydney from Tonner .
My dream of Auld Lange Syne Sydney Chase
I have a great Tonner collection with gorgeous and rare dolls. All of them are a joy to see, and each magnificent detail in their style gives me only positive emotions.
Vacation on Location Russell Williams
A very beautiful tanned mulatto Russell is the star of the collection. He's like the Malibu Lifeguards guys. Vacation on Location Russell Williams - 2007 Tyler Wentworth collection LE 100 Exclusive; Convention Orlando, Florida
​Ready-to-Wear Luxury (Raven)
Ready-to-Wear Luxury (Raven) - 2003  Tyler Wentworth BA Body LE 250 Exclusive; Cherished Friends Laureldale Pennsylvania basic doll in Outfit Bohemian Beauty
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