Tonner Blushing Queen Alice In Wonderland Collection

Tonner doll

Shauna Blushing Queen is one of the most stunning dolls from Tonner that I have ever hold in my hands. When I got out her of the box, my heart sank. This is how beautiful she was!
Blushing Queen is a doll from «Alice in Wonderland» Collection. She was released by Tonner in 2007. LE 300.
She has standard Tyler BW body, and pale skin tone.
She has colored hair but in some special way. There are several pink hair tresses. The flowers may be also seen on the hair and dress.
All accessories are well combined and suitably matched.
Her see-through cover up makes the entire outfit light and magical. I am not going to keep you waiting. You should see it yourself.


I love Alice in Wonderland the most of any children's story, and I love Tonner's Alice in Wonderland dolls, too. This is a nice version of the Queen of Hearts- she's very soft and sweet looking, unlike how she acts in the book. She's dressed more sweetly than the other Tonner Queen of Hearts dolls, too. I think of this doll as the Queen of Hearts before she took the throne and grew passionately angry.

Irrespective of the story, she is simply a lovely doll, too. The hair streaks matching her dress, and her coloring over all, is very pretty. I think she looks nicer in your photos than the promotional pictures. Someday I shall try to buy her dress for one of my Cinderella dolls- I think it'd suit Dreams Come True Cinderella.


Thank you.

Tonner has created a lot of beautiful dolls in this Alice in Wonderland line. I hope collectors join and show them here