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Tonner doll Tonner doll · Blog

​Neema and Ellowyne – More Details Revealed
Soon, on August, 27 at 6 PM MDT, the sale of gorgeous dolls Ellowyne and Neema (I have already talked about them earlier) will begin during the Virtual Doll Convention. Now we know the details about the dolls.
Twilight Vampiere Laurent and James
I continue to tell you about my dolls from The Twilight Saga. As there is good and bad, my collection also has evil vampires Laurent and James in addition to good Bella and Edward.
Neema: Intriguing Pictures of New Doll by Tonner
Rachel Hoffman showed the pictures of a new doll. It is very intriguing as there is no full information yet. And Rachel knows how to get your attention and make you excited! This is “Charmed, I’m Sure”, and Neema looks fascinating!
Happy Valentine’s Day!  Tonner love store
Happy Valentine’s Day! May all of you have sincere affection, light and tender love! Let love always be in your life! I have a question for you, to the point. Do your dolls create couples between each other?
Ian Somerhalder: Damon Vampire Diaries
One of the most popular characters created by Robert Tonner is Damon Salvatore at The Vampire Diaries. Due to the seductive appearance of Ian Somerhalder, and charismaticness of a character, a lot of people become fans of this series and Damon.
Silver and Gold! Fire and Ice!
Silver and Gold! Fire and Ice! Do you have the same associations as I do?  Two girls – Rose and Cami – are by Tonner. Each of them is beautiful and charming.  But what will happen if we combine it… is it possible?Oh, yes! 
Christmas Vibes with My Twilight Dolls
On first days of January I would like to get more festive mood. I have already watched all Christmas movies: Home alone, Harry Potter, Love Actually. But the biggest holiday is watching all 5 movies of the Twilight at once!
Kripplebush Kids: Marni Stormy Weather
I prefer the dolls that have more movements, that are realistic but there are also other pretty girls in my collection. She has just 5 points of the joint. Her plastic body has unsophisticated construction and is collected on the rubber.
​New Ellowyne Wilde Collection - Soon
There is an intriguing piece of news published by the Virtual Doll Convention. Robert Tonner amazes us by his fantastic Ellowyne Wilde Dolls. It seems we will see a rather big collection.
Unknown Bella "Twillight" OOAK by Robert Tonner
I have already written that Twilight movie is my favourite, and I did my best to have special dolls from this series in my collection. I have them, I will show them here in details.
Tonner Winter Fantasy Matt Сenterpiece
Despite the fact that mold Matt is the most popular among the Tonner dolls, the face of Matt is the most pleasant for me (well, Tonner vampires may compete them). Robert Tonner has released a lot of Matt face, but each of them looks fantastic.
Tonner Lilah repaint - magical transformation
 Lilah - is one of my favourite molds by Tonner. Out of two dolls released by Tonner I have… three Two of them are original.
Lilah - portrait doll of Megan Fox by Robert Tonner
I am not the member of the Megan Fox fan-club, but I do like Lilah, a portrait doll of Megan Fox by Robert Tonner. I think this face is not dollish, it is unusual, realistic and very beautiful just like the actress.
Twin-dolls - Tyler 2.0
Do you have twin-dolls? Have you ever bought the same doll for your collection as you like this doll so much? It happened to me, when I saw Tyler 2.0, an ultra basic blond girl from Tonner.
Galadriel, Lady Of Light
Who have not watched a beautiful filming of Tolkien? Who have not admired the courage of the fellowship of the rings? Who have not been charmed by White Royal Elf Galadriel?
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