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Tonner Winter Fantasy Matt Сenterpiece
Despite the fact that mold Matt is the most popular among the Tonner dolls, the face of Matt is the most pleasant for me (well, Tonner vampires may compete them). Robert Tonner has released a lot of Matt face, but each of them looks fantastic.
Tonner Lilah repaint - magical transformation
 Lilah - is one of my favourite molds by Tonner. Out of two dolls released by Tonner I have… three Two of them are original.
Lilah - portrait doll of Megan Fox by Robert Tonner
I am not the member of the Megan Fox fan-club, but I do like Lilah, a portrait doll of Megan Fox by Robert Tonner. I think this face is not dollish, it is unusual, realistic and very beautiful just like the actress.
Twin-dolls - Tyler 2.0
Do you have twin-dolls? Have you ever bought the same doll for your collection as you like this doll so much? It happened to me, when I saw Tyler 2.0, an ultra basic blond girl from Tonner.
Galadriel, Lady Of Light
Who have not watched a beautiful filming of Tolkien? Who have not admired the courage of the fellowship of the rings? Who have not been charmed by White Royal Elf Galadriel?
Tonner ​Azure Layne Reese
Azure Layne Reese This doll is splendid. The colour palette of her outfit and embroidered design completely pay off her name.
The Nutcracker, Marie - New York City Ballet
I have recently got this wonderful and rare doll Marie. This doll is by Robert Tonner from New York City Nutcracker Ballet series.     Tonner Doll Company, Inc started releasing this series in 2006.
Tonner Blushing Queen Alice In Wonderland Collection
Shauna Blushing Queen is one of the most stunning dolls from Tonner that I have ever hold in my hands. When I got out her of the box, my heart sank. This is how beautiful she was! Blushing Queen is a doll from "Alice in Wonderland" Collection.
​New Ellowyne Wilde Story – Convention Registration is Open
Yes! Finally! We now can see the pictures of renewed, amazing, and improved Ellowyne Wilde!     Petal Pusher 16" Dressed doll with rooted saran hair.
Tonner La Flambee Tyler
I have already written that there are pair dolls of Robert Tonner who complement one another or make a collection.
​My Charismatic Kate (Tonner Cami OOAK)
Cami is a very popular mold among the collectors of Tonner dolls. She has a cute face and smooth body lines. But I am not a big fan of Cami, and there are just three of them in my collection. However, all of them are very special.
Bella Cullen OOAK by Noel Cruz
As you already know, Twilight is my love for ever! And I think, it will not be a surprise for you, if you found out that 3 Edward dolls and 2 Bella dolls stay with me. I have already told you about one of them in my blog – Bella the Bride.
Cami La Belle De Chenonceau - Pearl Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011
   It has been 10 years, since collectors could behold this magnificent doll at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011, and got just 100 samples of this rare sweetie.
Shauna – a person of royal lineage
A Shauna sculpt is so noble, that Robert Tonner has created the biggest number of queens and angel dolls using this mold. Indeed, there is something special in this face that differs it from others.
Beautiful fairies: Titania Sydney and Midsummer's Night Dream
I like when two incredibly beautiful dolls are in harmony with their image and style. Each of the dolls is amazing, and they perfectly complement each other in the composition.
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