My dream of Auld Lange Syne Sydney Chase

Tonner doll

I have a great Tonner collection with gorgeous and rare dolls. All of them are a joy to see, and each magnificent detail in their style gives me only positive emotions. However, I am really dreaming of one more diamond for my doll collection that will add spice to it. This is Auld Lange Syne Sydney Chase.

It was released in 2008 exclusively for TONNERDirect in the quantity of just 75 pieces. To me, this number is not enough, because more people have to enjoy this amazing piece of art. Nevertheless, only a few collectors are lucky to have the doll.

Just look at magnificent Sydney in a breathtaking blood-red dress in a romantic style! Her face is framed in black and long spirally curled lock of hair, that emphasizes her light skin tone. And it seems, that her penetrating eyes look steadily at you. Her beauty is fascinating, so that, it is impossible to take one’s eyes from it! I can see how she takes a walk in a beautiful garden near the palace in this dress, or how she is dancing in some fabulous event hall.

I am sad to say, that her pictures are hardly to find on the internet. And so an idea has occurred to me: maybe the owners of this pretty doll would read this post and would happily share their pictures of Auld Lange Syne Sydney Chase in the comments below. It would be great to see!

In the meantime, I will be dreaming of her! I believe, my Sydney will find me some day! 

20:44 (edited)

I would like to see the pictures too. She has to be seen by the world ;)