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News from JAMIEshow
MUSES HOMME male doll and new fashion collection The Return of Glamour by JAMIEshow & OwenSu.
Heath – New Kinsmandoll Sale Starts Tomorrow
The sale will start on June, 13th, at 6 pm UK time. The shipment of the doll will start on June, 28th.
​Iplehouse Male Dolls – Unbelievable Elegance
The April Limited Edition has been started on April, 1st. At this time we may enjoy these amazing, gorgeous, and confident man dolls!
​New Male AgattiDoll Pre-Order is Open
The pre-order of new dolls by AgattiDoll continues. There are four male dolls available: Alex, Santino, Nick and Amos. The pre-order has been opened on March, 19th, and it will last till April, 15th.
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