Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to remind of your love

Natalia Loseva doll

There are a lot of doll couples in my doll collection, but I would like to share how Serj has congratulated her beloved Nicki.
In the morning, Serge made favorite breakfast. It was aromatic coffee Nicki likes so much, and also a cheesecake. He thoroughly served a tray with napkins and complemented a composition with a beautiful rose.   



Nikki was surprised and happy about it! She did not know about the plan of Serge. It was a surprise.


Their favorite dog Tabris was also there. Nikki sniffed the scent of the rose and coffee. It was an amazing beginning of the Valentine’s Day!  

She tried a piece of the cheesecake with banana. It was delicious.

Serge sat down by her on the bed. He was happy that he managed to please his beloved one. Tabris leaped over Serj’s laps, and they spent some time this way and enjoyed the moment.


Then Serge took the tray away, and left a small Valentine’s Day card for Nicki.


She was very happy! She thanked her truelove with a soul kiss.


You may also have some doll couples in love. How did your dolls celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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How sweet! Serge is very lucky to have someone as lovely as Nicki, and Nicki is lucky Serge is so kind :)


Also, Tabris is adorable. He or she reminds me of my own favorite dog.


Oh thanks!You are very kind! 


what lovely boxers he has! :)