​Cinderella story

Natalia Loseva doll

Who would not dream to live a magical story of Cinderella? Of course in most cases, we would want to be in the moment when she meets a beautiful prince.
But my Asya decided to experience a hard part when poor Cinderella had difficult times. But she didn't lose faith in her Fairy Godmother.
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Looking forward for your comments. Would you like to see a continuation of this story?


Wow! She looks lovely even as a maid. Truly encompasses the Cinderella spirit. I of course want to see more of this story! Does your Cinderella have any wicked stepsisters?

15:13 (edited)

I haven't thought of filming the continue of the story yet, but I think it can be fun. Maybe I'll try to do this. But, my dolls are usually kind, I'll just give them a role in the fairy tale. They will not have this absurd character forever


she has beautiful and bog eyes! Can't take my eyes from her!


Thank you!