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Avantguard On-Edge.

 Freeze Frame has opened me a new world of Avantgards, and I decided to buy some friends for Nicole. I took a closer look at the list of all Avantgard girls, and I understood that they were just fine, more or less to me. However, they had opened mouths, and to me, it didn't look pretty, so I didn't want them. So said, so done! I ordered Lash right after this decision (I have been looking for her for so long), Hot Trot, and OMG! On Edge! And I was not going to buy her at all! She is not pretty to me! She has open mouth. How come?!

 It all happened because of Lash. I bought her without clothing, shoes, and a wig. And Nicole (Freeze Frame) also arrived naked, barefoot, and bald. I had to take care of outfits for my girls right away!

 I found two avantgards — Hot Trot and On-Edge, that were for sale. I started making an arrangement to buy their outfits. I almost agreed on buying the outfit of Edge, and I also asked about her native wig (more hair never gets in the way). It turned out, that the seller got the doll without any wig and clothing. Therefore, they wanted to sell the outfit, and the doll had to be repainted. I asked about the cost, and it was rather good for me. This is how I have got Edge.

 My very sweet daughter called Edge as “Frankenstein’s bride”. And to me, she looks like a vampire. If I got Edge several months earlier, it could become Irina for Laurent from Twilight movie. But she had another fate.

 “Would she be Rosalie?” — I thought. As a result, a not-pretty-to-me Freak became Rosalie Hale from Twilight. She is my favourite! I made an “avgangardgang”, and I was in charge of it until I got my favourite Emmet. Fancy that! Now, she and Emmet are the part of my biggest doll family – Cullen clan.

JuliM JuliM 2 years ago #

Oh, I like those red lips so much

She_Julie She_Julie 2 years ago #

the open mouth is the icing on the cake ;)

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