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Avantguards (Integrity Toys) Avantguards (Integrity Toys) · Blog

2 off my AG doll in outfit made by Albina from Slowenia
My Ava (repaint Avantguard)
I remember how I saw this picture for the first time. I was amazed by charisma and beauty of this doll. I just started to collect dolls at that moment. There were mostly Tonner dolls in my collection. But this doll was another.
This elegant lady Avantguards
I really like these dolls. Their faces are full of dignity, and their bodies are graceful and flexible. I have found this photo session in my archive.
Avantguard On-Edge.
 Freeze Frame has opened me a new world of Avantgards, and I decided to buy some friends for Nicole. I took a closer look at the list of all Avantgard girls, and I understood that they were just fine, more or less to me.
Avantguard Freeze Frame
Just a few people know about the Avantguards dolls, so I’ll try to rectify the situation and share my own experience. These dolls, who resemble real models, are from Fashion Royalty:16 Collection.
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