This elegant lady Avantguards

Avantguards (Integrity Toys)

I really like these dolls. Their faces are full of dignity, and their bodies are graceful and flexible.

I have found this photo session in my archive. And want to show this beautiful doll and her body capabilities

Freeze Frame AvantGuard Doll

Her face is bright and attractive.The wig is a little funny. A fancy bow is made from a part of the hair.

She has graceful hands

And she can take various positions. Just look at her hymnatic sketch

This doll left me for another house, but interesting photos remained. And I decided to share them.

There are three other avantguards in my collection, later I will introduce you to them.


I like these dolls a lot! They are so pose-able, I appreciate that! Freeze Frame is stunning; her and Hot Trot are my favorites, personally. Thank you for sharing pictures of your girl!


thanks for the comment, i appreciate that too


What a flexibility!