Realpuki - Flower Elves

BJD FairyLand

There are forest elves, there are sea elves, there are twilight ones, and I have floral ones.

My kids Lyushik and Pugovka love flowers very much. Who does not remember how they've planted a flower bed with their own hands?
So it was not surprising to see their games among tulips and dandelions.
— Ah, what a beautiful tulip! What could be better ?!

My answer: well, of course, two beautiful tulips!

“Oh, you just look at me!” I'm Thumbelina!

Where is my beautiful prince elf Lyushik?

Lushik has his own entertainments

If the prince does not fly to you, you can go to him. We have equal rights.

Oh, where are you going?

Pugovka come to me

A great walk.

Ha Ha, look, Lushik and dandelion. They are alike, aren't they?


they are funny!