Tulabelle True 1.0- Pomp and Circumstance 16"

Integrity & Fashion Royalty Dolls

Tulabelle True by Integrity Toys is the granddaughter of the famous model Poppy Parker. Tulabelle, much like her grandmother, was made for the camera.

She made her debut in 2013 as a 16" doll. My doll, Pomp and Circumstance, was the first deluxe doll of her initial release. The other two initial dolls were basic dolls.

My feelings about Tulabelle are mixed. I love her face, and I love her hair, and I love her clothes. But she's horrible to pose. Her tight pants don't help, sure, but she's excruciatingly stiff.

But, I love her face. She looks both sassy and serene. I love her for that alone.

Over all, if you can find her for a price close to her original one, I reccomend Tulabelle 1.0. Otherwise, I think you should get an AvantGuard or an FR16 doll as they're more poseable and also have lovely Integrity Toys faces.


very beautiful doll!


Thank you! I think it's a shame Integrity has retired this face mold.


She does not seem tight on the pics. Nice and smooth!


I may be spoiled! Before Tulabelle, I had mostly handled only MtM Barbies or Monster High dolls, who are smaller and easier to pose. So, I was frustrated when I first got Tulabelle and struggled to pose her, though truly she is still a nicely articulated doll. I’m happy though you think she looked nice in the pictures!