​"Something Blue and Old" Forever Bella #TonnerBride

Twilight is my favourite movie without any doubt. I may call this movie classic now, as it takes a special place in cinematography. And the wedding of Bella and Edward is surely the most desired, the most touching moment that is full of tenderness, love, and happiness. The bridal outfit is the most important part of the celebration. Bella’s dress was described in details in the book by Stephenie Meyer.

Of course, everybody got intrigued what image of Bella would be on the screen. And so it happened. This is how we see and know a bride Bella.

Well, Robert Tonner knew what to do. He, as befits, creates a portrait doll of Kristen Stewart – Forever Bella - Bella the bride.

Here is Bella in a small copy of the same outfit from the movie, with her shoes, and “something blue and old” – a clasp-pin of her grandmother.

She also has a gift from Edward on the hand – an engagement ring. Tonner was very attentive to the details. And his inspirational attitude to the work makes me happy as I can see my favorite Bella, as like as two peas, on the shelf. This is a treat for my senses!

I have to admit that her face is very beautiful, and it looks very much alike Bella from Breaking Dawn. Her makeup is tender, and she has beautifully coiffured hair. I think this is one of the best Tonner Bella dolls.

What do you think?       

15:58 (edited)

Lisa Ramsammy Repaint Artist