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The Twilight Saga from my Serge and Zaya
I like to play with my dolls, and experience stories with them. And of course, you may have noticed my passion to the Twilight saga. I couldn’t stand going through these moments with my favourite dolls.
Unknown Bella "Twillight" OOAK by Robert Tonner
I have already written that Twilight movie is my favourite, and I did my best to have special dolls from this series in my collection. I have them, I will show them here in details.
Bella Cullen OOAK by Noel Cruz
As you already know, Twilight is my love for ever! And I think, it will not be a surprise for you, if you found out that 3 Edward dolls and 2 Bella dolls stay with me. I have already told you about one of them in my blog – Bella the Bride.
​"Something Blue and Old" Forever Bella #TonnerBride
Twilight is my favourite movie without any doubt. I may call this movie classic now, as it takes a special place in cinematography.
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