Fashion Royalty Collection – Last Basic Doll

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Have you ever felt aura of another person? When he/she enters the room, and you just feel it. This is what happens with Baroness Agnes Von Weiss. The California sky accompanies her while she is letting her long platinum hair down in order to get some tan.

Her grandeur is noticed right away, and her style is just gorgeous. She wears Malibu Sky one-piece swim suit, that is well matched with big sunglasses, stud earrings, and criss-crossbracelet. Agnes wears chic strappy high-heeled shoes. This outfit is perfect for Malibu.

The Integrity Toys have presented this basic doll in their Fashion Royalty Collection, and it is the last doll among the basic dolls. This doll is 12,5 inch tall, has articulated body and rooted hair. Her skin tone is Hungarian. The doll will also come with long manicured hands, a doll stand, and authenticity certificate.

The cost is $99, and this is open edition. This basic doll is just saying — summer is just around the corner.

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