OOAK Koffee & Milky by Natalia Loseva

Natalia Loseva doll

Yesterday there was news about a soon sale oftwo!!! new OOAK Full Set dolls completely created by the author. The first doll is a final doll with the face of beautiful and beloved by many collectors Zaya. This doll will never be available again. This is the last chance to buy her!
And the second doll is peerless Suri. This OOAK full set doll has not been released yet, and she will never be created again! This is a unique and only chance to buy her.
The author has called them as fairies Koffee (Suri) & Milky (Zaya)
And today we can see their nude pictures, in addition to the pictures of their outfits. It is exciting to see them gradually. It seems like you are trying something special, savoring it. Their faces strike with liveliness, reality, spirituality, and beauty. They will be a diamond in any collection for sure, and also a true friend in the house, they will be sent to.
We will see these wonderful creations fully soon. But now you may plan how to get them. These dolls will be for sale on a private auction. You may get all details and terms of the auction by email yulia3075@gmail.com

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