SoftlyBlushingDoll Hop

The artist softlyblushingdoll is new to the doll world, but I hope she stays around for a long time. Her first doll, Hop, is a resin BJD around 5 inches tall. The very first Hop preorder just ended; but stay tuned! Hop will return.

Hop costs $35 USD + shipping, and comes in any color you want! All you need to do is send the hex code of the color you want with your order form.

The doll has a very sweet face, and is highly articulated for such a small doll. Hop is fully handsculpted and cast by the artist herself, which is very impressive! The doll even comes with a free faceup or free clothes if you request those things from the artist.

Hop is the perfect size to be a little Pixie or Fairy, and would make a great addition to any collection! I cannot reccomend Hop enough; I eagerly await the arrival of mine, and urge everyone to follow the artist on Instagram and sign up for the next preorder when it happens!

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