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News from JAMIEshow
MUSES HOMME male doll and new fashion collection The Return of Glamour by JAMIEshow & OwenSu.
9 Beautiful Young Maids by Tender Creation
August, 23, at 5:00 PM (Moscow time) the pre-order for this doll will be open. It will last 2-3 days
Curious Meadowdolls Doll – Pre-order started
The pre-order has been started on July, 4th, and it will last till July, 25th.
Divine Pearl Margot – New DominionDoll Doll
DominionDoll Posh doll is a vision of the modern plus size models.
​Fire Witch Doll – Time for Mystery
This is a Fire Witch and a limited edition. Just 200 dolls are available.
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