Friends and gifts

Tiny doll by Valeria Gorodnichuk

“Yippee! Finally my friends are here!” — exclaimed Penelope.

Two serious girls (I don’t know what names they will have yet). They are both from Valeria Gorodnichuk (just like Penelope), but they have a completely different character.


The girls came not alone. The girl with red hair had a handy carrier with a little dog.

But back to the babies.
Penelope was very happy to see them. She hugged them tight.

And of course a photo for memory


They also brought a big basket full of presents.
“Oh, what is that?” — Penelope said broodingly.

She opened the boxes and was very surprised and happy. Her clothes was rather poor before. 

There are things out there: onsies, and dresses, and shoes, and sweaters. And there were also such wonderful hats!


Do you like it?
What do you think, what names will do for these new girls?

they are adorable! Maybe the red-haired girl could be named Poppy? It sounds similar to Penelope, and poppies are red :)

Enjoy your dolls! I look forward to hearing about what you do end up naming them! And seeing them wear their cute new outfits (and hats)!


Thanks for the comment.I will think about it.