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Rating: 5
Created: 7 months ago
Owner: JuliM

Tiny doll by Valeria Gorodnichuk / Blog

USA is celebrating Independence Day yesterday and my Penelope has decided to congratulate all US collectors! I hope she could sent to you through these photos all her love, respect and wishes for prosperity. And also peace and kindness
“Yippee! Finally my friends are here!” - exclaimed Penelope. Two serious girls (I don’t know what names they will have yet). They are both from Valeria Gorodnichuk (just like Penelope), but they have a completely different character.
My Penelope's sisters are looking for a home  The authors dolls by Valeria Gorodnichuk on the ob11 body, the head is made of cured plastics Prosculpt. The head is mobile: twists and tilt. It is not removable.
This day is very important!And Penelope, along with her friend Tabris, decided to cook a festive dinner Oh Tabris, how to cook a turkey?Maybe it should be stewed in a saucepan? Tabris closed his eyes in horror.