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​Poppy Knows How To Cheer You Up – The 3rd W Club Doll Of 2022
These girls will definitely rock you! They are bright and flexible, magnetic and charming, and their dancing will cheer up anyone. So would you join them and give them a P? Well, Poppy Parker has joined the cheerleader team, and she is a star!
​New Role of Poppy Parker
It is rather curious to know what autumn would be in the doll industry. And the first doll of this season would be Poppy Parker (it is hard to believe but it is autumn!).
Slumber Party event: Poppy Parker Loves Mystery Date
The beginning of the new club year is full of new and very interesting dolls and sets. An online event took place yesterday where series consisting of 4 sets was presented. This event was devoted to all new members of the W Club.
​Confident and Style Final Doll by Integrity Toys
Integrity Toys draws conclusions and brings to close their year with the fifth final club doll 2021. This is Lilith in the usual for this year dark skin tone. Lilith Blair belongs to NU. Classic collection.
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