My first doll and I


I have recently found the picture of me with my first doll. Of course, I don’t remember this as I was too little. But thanks to the miracles of my mother’s photobook, I can now look at it and show it to you. My first doll and I — this is the name of my challenge for you!

What are the rules?
1. Publish the picture — My first doll and I
2. Put your name, your age at this picture, and information about the doll on that picture (if you know it). Do you still have this doll?
3.Share the link to this post with a friend and challenge him/her to do the same (a participation is possible for the unregistered users. Your personal data will not be available for other users).

So, go!


2.Yulia, 1 year old, doll Kate — Soviet plastic doll.

I cannot remember myself at this age, but I do remember this doll. She was with me till I was 7. Then I found her on the attic of our house. And unfortunately, she disappeared after that.

3. I invite all Dollfan users to accept the challenge

I quite like this challenge! I will be sure to participate. That's a lovely photo you have there, it's very cool to see the start of your doll collection. Kate is an interesting doll. It's too bad she disappeared over time!

Thank you so, so, so much for this challenge!


You look adorable!

I would like to share my story about my Barbie dolls.Well, it was 90s. I had Barbie dolls with clothes, brushes, shoes, and so on. I also had pregnant Barbie, and Ken. My collection was increased with several Barbie dolls (don't really remember which one).

I was at the senior school, when my cousin had a daughter. In a couple of years, my parents decided to give all my Barbie dolls to my niece. They said I was adult enough to play that dolls, and they were on the shelf.So, they gave them to my niece. I didn't want to give them! Ah, so sad! I still remember these Barbie Dolls.

I have to look for my old pics. Maybe I will find the pic with the doll.


That's really a cute photo! And led me to discover I have no pics with dolls...ever!


Thank you very much