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Egyptian Style by FairyLand

Golden age of Egypt is now taking place in Fairyland. Several stunning dolls are presented for the order devoted to this subject. A beautiful MiniFee Iset, wonderful FeePle60 Alan, and adorable Realpuki Soso. It is worth mentioning that Fairyland has not accepted orders for a long time. So this is a great opportunity to get this little doll as there are basic options besides full sets.

Realpuki Soso is well designed as it will come with a mask of Anubis. It is resin and painted. Three types of the skin are available: natural, beautiful white, and tan. The doll has big ears and makeup face. The sleeping face makeup may be selected. The body is fully articulated, and the doll has golden accessories in the Egyptian style. The cost of the full set is $410.

MiniFee Iset is a real empress. Her outfit will take you right to the Ancient Egypt. All details have been well designed. She has a beautiful tiara (or crown) on her head. Eachdetailslooksveryrealistic. Hershoesarewonderful! TheauthorshavetrulyshowedtheEgyptianstyle. The cost of the full set is $843. It includes wig, premium eyes, head makeup, shoes, the outfit, head and hand ornaments. The Fairy’s Atelier full package costs $687.

The male doll is FeePle60 Alan (Canis Lupus). He has white hair, a wolf mask and ears may be also used. They make him mysterious and wonderful at the same time. His outfit is so chic: leather pants, and shirt with massive sleeves, and long sleeveless coat. He has unusual belt, that complements the entire outfit. He shows a real Egyptian vibes. The cost ofthe full set is $1,170. Shoes, wig, and makeup are also included. Fairy’s Atelier package costs $925.

The expected production period is 90 days.

For order

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