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Dress for Sayuri
I showed you my first steps in the creation of the dress for Sayuri (Nabi) and sewing patterns for my other dolls in the previous post Learning to Sew.    And now I am ready to show you my first and ready dresses.
"The best Halloween costume for your doll" - ​Voting!
So, let the voting begin! Voting will last till October, 30 (18:00 GMT). Summingup: October 31. You see the pictures for the contest and a number next to it. 1.  2.  3. .
Learning to Sew
Gone are the days when I was a little girl and my mom sewed me some clothes. When I grew up, I made up some outfits, and my mom continued sewing. Then at the senior school, my mother taught me to sew. And I even made a skirt and a sundress.
Contest "The best Halloween costume for your doll"
It is autumn now, and it means that the most mystical holiday of the year  Halloween is around the corner. It is celebrated on October, 31st, All Hallows' Eve. This holiday has many traditions making it special and memorable.
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