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Silver and Gold! Fire and Ice!
Silver and Gold! Fire and Ice! Do you have the same associations as I do?  Two girls – Rose and Cami – are by Tonner. Each of them is beautiful and charming.  But what will happen if we combine it… is it possible?Oh, yes! 
​My Charismatic Kate (Tonner Cami OOAK)
Cami is a very popular mold among the collectors of Tonner dolls. She has a cute face and smooth body lines. But I am not a big fan of Cami, and there are just three of them in my collection. However, all of them are very special.
Cami La Belle De Chenonceau - Pearl Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011
   It has been 10 years, since collectors could behold this magnificent doll at Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011, and got just 100 samples of this rare sweetie.
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