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Registration for 2022 W Club Membership
Announcement of the registration date for W Club 2022 membership. It will start on Wednesday, February 23
​Let’s Go Back to 1920s with Meteor Collection
The Integrity Toys have presented their new collection which is glamorous and chic. The METEOR Collection – three amazing dolls. The collection is available for W Club Members.
Stunning Luggage Set – Integrity Toys Accessories
The set has five cases: large suitcase, rolling suitcase, round suitcase, purse, and makeup case.
​Fashion Royalty – Second Tribute Doll
Graceful Reign is stunning, fashionable, and truly royal doll presented for W club Exclusive members.
​Poppy Parker -  Final Dolls  IFD Convention
Marvelous Masquerade and
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