Challenge: me and my first doll


I can't find a photo of me with my very first doll. I think my first doll must have been a rag-doll that belonged to a sister or a cousin before me, or perhaps an inherited Barbie of some sort from a cousin. The first doll I really remember that was mine and only mine (that I did not construct myself out of my tights) was an American Girl doll.

Maureen, age 7(?), and Molly- an American Girl doll

I still have this doll. If my cousin has children, I will give it to her for them. For now, she remains in her box in my house. Unfortunately, I lost many of her beautiful clothes over the years.

I hope others will join this challenge as well!


Oh, it is so cute! What a wonderful photo! And I like cosplay. I see that you and your doll have the same clothes. It is so good! I am happy that you still have this doll. It is so nice to go back to the childhood. Thank you for your participation in my challenge!


Thank you for making the challenge! I hope to see more people posting these challenge posts.


did you repost the entries on social networks?

11:05 (edited)

yes! I shared the link in my favorite group, Artist Doll Classifieds, on Facebook :)

It's an active group, so I hope people will see it.

Edit: Well, one person commented that it looks fun, so that's a good sign!!


The way you hold this doll tells a lot! It is seen how you love her!

You had really long hair! Very beautiful!


This is so lovely to read! Thank you! :)